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Cypriot official accuses Turkey of denying to cooperate on the issue of missing persons

Cyprus Presidential Commissioner for Humanitarian Affairs Photis Photiou accused Turkey of denying to cooperate with a view to ascertaining the fate of the missing persons in Cyprus.

What Turkey is doing, is inhuman and criminal, as it still refuses to cooperate on a humanitarian issue, because the missing persons is not a political issue but an issue touching human lives, Photiou said speaking at the funeral of the remains of Michalis Apostolides, a person killed during the 1974 Turkish invasion of Cyprus, whose remains were identified with the method of DNA.

GPD rises in Cyprus by 0.9 on quarterly and by 3.9% on annual basis in Q3 2017

Seasonally adjusted GDP rose by 0.6% in both the euro area (EA19) and the EU28 during the third quarter of 2017, and by 0.9% in Cyprus compared with the previous quarter, according to an estimate published by Eurostat, the statistical office of the European Union. In the second quarter of 2017, GDP grew by 0.7% in both areas and by 1.0% in Cyprus.

Greek Cypriot side submits questions to CMP on relocation of remains from Ornithi mass grave

Committee of Missing Persons (CMP) Greek Cypriot member Nestoras Nestoros has submitted a number of questions, during a meeting of the Committee that took place on Thursday, with regard to the information conveyed by the CMPs Turkish Cypriot member Gulden Plumer Kucuk concerning the relocation of remains of people listed as missing from a mass grave in a location known as Ornithi, to the landfill in Dikomo, a village between Nicosia and Kyrenia.

Cyprus revenues to GDP percentage stood at 33.6% in 2016, according to Eurostat

In Cyprus total revenue stood at 32.1%, 31.9%, 33.2%, 33.6%, for the years 2006, 2010, 2015 and 2016, according to Eurostat. Taxes on production and imports, represented a 15.4% of the GDP, out of which VAT was 9.2%. Taxes on income and wealth were 9.7% of which 2.9% taxes on individual or household income and 5.8% taxes on the income or profits of corporations. Finally, 8.5% were the net social VAT contributions.

Cyprus inflation accelerates to 0.3% in November 2017

Inflation in Cyprus increased by an annual 0.3% in November, mainly due to price increases in Housing, Water, Electricity, Gas and other fuels. According to data released by Cyprus’ Statistical Service (Cystat), November is the second consecutive month with positive inflation rate.

Motor vehicles registration up by 30.2%

The total registrations of motor vehicles increased by 30.2% to 40.427, in January-November 2017, from 31.055 in the corresponding period of 2016, the Statistical Service of Cyprus has said.

More companies in Cyprus use high speed internet connections, according to study

The number of enterprises in Cyprus using high speed internet connections increased in 2017, according to study published by the Statistical Service of the Republic of Cyprus.

Source: Cyprus News Agency