CNA News – CNA – Rebekah Gregoriades – CYPRUS/Nicosia 05/02/2018 12:28

Nicos Anastasiades re-elected President for a fresh five-year term

Incumbent President of the Republic of Cyprus, Nicos Anastasiades, has been re-elected President for a new five-year term. In the run-off election that took place on Sunday, Anastasiades, backed by ruling Democratic Rally (DISY) party, secured 215,281 votes or 55.99% of the vote. Stavros Malas, whom Anastasiades faced in the second round of the 2013 elections as well, backed by left wing party AKEL, totalled 169,243 votes or 44.01%. The abstention rate was 26.03%, 2.65% of the votes were invalid, and 2.99% of the ballots were blank. Valid ballots were 384,524 or 94.37%.

Re-elected President Nicos Anastasiades calls for unity

Re-elected President of the Republic Nicos Anastasiades called for unity tonight to address future challenges. In a speech at the proclamation ceremony at the Tassos Papadopoulos � Eleftheria stadium in Nicosia, Anastasiades thanked the people who took part in the election process, irrespective of who they voted for. Earlier, speaking to supporters at his central election headquarters in Nicosia, Anastasiades assured that he will continue to act as President of all Cypriots.

Malas calls on Anastasiades to take care of Cyprus

Stavros Malas called on the re-elected leader to take care of Cyprus. Wishing the newly-elected President well in his duties, he thanked those who worked hard to make his message reach everywhere and his family for standing by him.

DISY leader says Anastasiades’ re-election reflects people’s will, AKEL leader not satisfied

Nicos Anastasiades’ re-election to the presidency of the Republic is a powerful indication of the people’s will for Cyprus to continue on the same path, Democratic Rally (DISY) leader Averof Neofytou has said. Meanwhile, AKEL General Secretary Andros Kyprianou said he was not satisfied with the election result but stressed that the peoples choice is respected.

Congratulations flooding in for Anastasiades’ re-election

Congratulations are flooding in from abroad for Nicos Anastasiades’ re-election to the presidency of the Republic of Cyprus. Among them are congratulations from President of the European Commission Jean-Claude Juncker, European Parliament President Antonio Tajani, Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras and other leaders, as well as President of the European Peoples Party Josef Daul (the European political family DISY belongs to), and EPP Secretary General Antonio Lopez Isturiz.

OSCE to prepare report after assessment of presidential elections, head of mission tells CNA

The OSCE/ODIHR team has been able to conduct an in-depth impartial assessment of the Cyprus 2018 Presidential Election during its three-week long mission in Cyprus, the head of mission Ambassador Urszula Gacek has told the Cyprus News Agency in an interview, on conclusion of their visit to the island.

House President to pay working visit to Athens

President of the House of Representatives Demetris Syllouris departs for Athens this week on a working visit. In Athens, Syllouris will discuss coordination concerning the publication of the findings of an inquiry into the 1974 military coup in Cyprus, engineered by the then junta ruling Greece, and the Turkish invasion of Cyprus that followed.

Source: Cyprus News Agency