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President Anastasiades ready at any moment for resumption of Cyprus talks

Cyprus President NicosAnastasiades has expressed his readiness at any moment to return to negotiations for the reunification of Cyprus, provided that “we are within the UN Secretary Generals terms of reference so that we can have results.” In an interview to the Sunday edition of “Phileleftheros” newspaper President Anastasiades also said that without disregarding the Turkish Cypriot leader Mustafa Akinci who he considers the person he officially negotiates with, he would never deny dialogue with any Turkish governement official.

Cyprus sends message to most distant celestial body as New Horizons approaches Ultima Thule

A message from the Cyprus Space Exploration Organisation (CSEO) will be sent by the NASA New Horizons spacecraft as it flies – by the frozen “Ultima Thule”, a celestial body in the Kuiper Zone, at the edge of the solar system, 6.6 billion kilometers from Earth. The message is “Keep on Exploring!” and will be beamed by the John Hopkins University Advanced Physics Laboratory (APL), that engineered and operates the New Horizons mission and spacecraft. It will be beamed to the spacecraft as it passes by Ultima Thule on New Years Day, marking an epic space event, as New Horizons will fly by the outermost celestial body that humanity has ever explored.

Brio and ecological thinking breathe new life to Nicosia old municipal market

Young people with brio, creativity, new ecological ideas and a love for what they do have breathed a new life into the old municipal market of Nicosia, creating an open space for everyone. The space hosts temporarily studios and shops of artists and craftsmen, gift shops, second-hand shops and eco-friendly reused and upcycled products or art pieces. The old fish-market has been transformed to an herbal garden and right next door is an open library. The space also hosts on a weekly basis dance, music or performance workshops bringing people together, their facebook page reads.

Source: Cyprus News Agency