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Minister of Finance to leave office at the end of this year

Finance Minister Harris Georgiades has announced his decision to leave the Ministry at the end of the year. In statements to the press, today, Georgiades said that he has discussed with Cyprus President Nicos Anastasiades that he will continue his work in the Ministry until the end of the year, after seven years of service in the Ministry. He also clarified that his decision is not expedited due to the findings of the investigation regarding the collapse of the Cooperative Bank and described those findings as wrong and unfair.

We need to see how to create conditions of peaceful coexistence, Cyprus President says

Cyprus President, Nicos Anastasiades, who was replying on Thursday evening to a question about the next steps in case efforts to reach a federal solution in Cyprus reach a deadlock, said that all political powers should pragmatically and realistically examine how to create conditions of peaceful coexistence on the island. At the same time, he underlined that right now our focus is -and should be- to continue efforts on the basis of everything which has been agreed and everything which is included in UN resolutions, as long as the outcome is one which creates the conditions of a functional, viable state and fully compatible with its capacity as a member of the EU.

Cyprus ranks first in EU in first-time asylum applicants relative to its population

The greatest number of registered first-time asylum applicants in 2018 relative to the population of each member state was recorded in Cyprus (8,805 first-time applicants per million population), ahead of Greece (6 051), Malta (4 276) and Luxembourg (3 694), according to data released today by Eurostat. In particular, in Cyprus there were 4,475 first time applications in 2017 and 7,610 in 2018, recording a +70% increase. That corresponds to 1.3% of the total of first time applications in the EU.

Nicosia prepares action plan and diplomatic initiative on missing persons [VIDEO]

Nicosia prepares to launch a diplomatic initiative on missing persons, targeting decision-making centers abroad, and plans to put forward an action plan, Presidential Commissioner Fotis Fotiou told CNA. According to data from the Committee on Missing Persons (CMP), the number of individuals that are being exhumed is declining in the last few years, with two exhumations taking place since the beginning of this year and 10 exhumations in 2018, compared to 42 in 2017. In the meantime, the Council of Europe has called on Turkey to ensure unhindered access for missing persons in Cyprus

Greek FM to pay Cyprus an official visit on Tuesday

Greeces Foreign Minister, George Katrougkalos, will pay an official visit to Cyprus on Tuesday, March 19. The Cyprus issue and developments in the energy sector are expected to be at the focus of his discussions with the Cypriot government. Minister Katrougkalos will have official meetings with the President of the Republic of Cyprus, Nicos Anastasiades, and the Foreign Minister, Nikos Christodoulides.

Barnier: Orderly Brexit needed, otherwise will try to have UK as an ally, a friend and a partner

We prefer to have an orderly Brexit and the Treaty provides for this, but otherwise we will try to have UK as our ally, a friend and a partner , Michel Barnier, the EU’s Chief negotiator for Brexit has said, addressing a debate yesterday evening, before the vote at the Parliament, during a debate titled ”Building a common future, what lessons learnt from Brexit”, in the framework of the 8th Summit of Regions and Cities in Bucharest. On his part, Karl-Heinz Lambertz, President of the European Committee of the Regions said that there are a lot of challenges lying ahead because of Brexit and that this should be seen as a wake up call for those who believe in the EU and also those who think can do without it.

Cyprus and Bahrain agree to enhance relations

Nicosia and Manama agreed to expedite work to draw up a number of interstate Agreements that are under negotiation and to intensify contacts. The decision was taken during Foreign Minister Nikos Christodoulides’ official visit to Bahrein, yesterday, where he met with his counterpart, Sheik Khalid bin Ahmed bin Mohammed Al Khalifa. The two ministers reviewed bilateral relations and ascertained the excellent level of cooperation, the two countries’ mutual approach on a number of regional and international issues and their common desire to strengthen cooperation.

Garbage collection fees to change based on pay as you throw model, Minister of Agriculture tells CNA

Minister of Agriculture, Rural Development and the Environment, Costas Kadis, aspires to pass a new law on garbage collection fees by the end of 2019, based on the usage-pricing model pay as you throw. As the Minister of Agriculture told CNA, the model which has been implemented in several European countries, was chosen after studying several pricing models. According to the model, the users will pay in advance for all the garbage they wish to be collected, by purchasing a custom bag, at a relatively high cost. “Citizens will try to fill as few bags as possible in order to pay less, so they will be pushed to recycle more and the bags will only be filled with materials that cannot be recycled”, he said.

Job vacancies record significant annual increase in the 4th quarter of 2018

Job vacancies in the 4th quarter of 2018 reached 3.390, an increase of 126 positions or 3.9%, from 3.264 in the same quarter of the previous year, the Statistical Service announced yesterday. Compared to the 3rd quarter of 2018 available jobs plummeted by 4.277 or 55.8%, Cystat reported. At the same time, employment in the broad public sector increased by 1,085 persons or 1.61% compared to the same quarter of 2017. It also released a preliminary estimate, according to which the trade deficit is projected to be Euros 271,6 mn in the first month of this year.

Cyprus should take the next step in plastics reduction, Environment Commissioner tells CNA

Environment Commissioner Ioanna Panayiotou has told CNA that Cyprus should take the next step in plastics reduction. In an interview with Cyprus News Agency and replying to questions following her office placing under its aegis an initiative by Ayios Spyridonas Special school in Larnaka to ban plastic straws in Cyprus Panayiotou refers to EU targets on plastics reduction, as well as the positive effect it would have on the island’s image if it became a pioneer within the EU in this field.

Source: Cyprus News Agency