CNA News – CNA – Athena Arsalidou – Nicosia 29/12/2017 13:51

Cyprus fully exercises its sovereign rights, President Anastasiades says

Cyprus is a sovereign country and as such it fully exercises its sovereign rights, President of the Republic Nicos Anastasiades has said, replying to questions regarding Turkish provocations in Cyprus Exclusive Economic Zone. Turkey, whose troops occupy Cyprus northern part since they invaded in 1974, does not recognise the Republic of Cyprus. In the past several days Ankara has sent vessels in the Eastern Mediterranean, in response to drilling which oil giant ENI is set to begin in the coming days in Cyprus EEZ. He also said that we will not abandon the effort for solution.

British National Archives:Callaghan not prepared to give evidence on talks with Turkey before Turkeys 1974 invasion

A limited number of files on Cyprus dating from 1976 are included in the latest release of Foreign Office archives in London. The files include a letter by the then Foreign Secretary James Callaghan (dated 28 January 1976) to the head of the Parliament’s Select Committee on Foreign Affairs with regard to the terms of reference of the Select Committee on Cyprus. James Callaghan expresses his disagreement with the ambitious programme of work of the Select Committee and especially the intention of its members to examine him about events during the Cyprus crisis of 1974 including ‘what Mr Ecevit had said to the Secretary of State about giving the Turks a free run’.

Nine candidacies submitted for the 2018 presidential elections

A total of nine candidacies were submitted on Friday, for the 2018 presidential elections.Incumbent President Nicos Anastasiades who seeks relection for a second term was the last to submit his candidacy. The rest of the candidates were:Haris Aristidou, Christakis Kapiliotis, Andreas Efstratiou , Michalis Mina, ELAM President Christos Christou, Stavros Malas, who is running as an independent and is supported by the main opposition AKEL party, Democratic Party leader Nicolas Papadopoulos, who is backed by socialist EDEK, the Environmentalists and Solidarity Movement, and George Lilikas, President of Citizens’ Alliance.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs condemns the terrorist attack in St Petersburg

The Foreign Ministry of the Republic of Cyprus has strongly condemned the terrorist attack that took place on 27th of December in St. Petersburg. More than a dozen people were injured in the explosion at a St. Petersburg supermarket, which President Vladimir Putin described as a terrorist attack.A Foreign Ministry statement said that no attack on civilians can remain unpunished or can be tolerated, pointing out that the international community has a responsibility to cooperate against this common threat, so that the perpetrators of such crimes are brought to justice.

Annual change of -0,1% in average monthly earnings of employees

The average gross monthly earnings of employees during the third quarter of 2017 amounted to Euros 1.747, compared to Euros 1.748 during the third quarter of 2016, i.e. a decrease of 0,1% is observed, according to preliminary estimations published by the Statistical Service of the Republic of Cyprus.

The average monthly earnings during the third quarter of 2017, seasonally adjusted, are estimated at Euros 1.878 compared to Euros 1.880 during the second quarter of 2017, i.e. a decrease of 0,1% is observed.

Industrial output prices index shows decrease

The Industrial Output Prices Index for November 2017 reached 99,3 units (base 2010=100), recording a decrease of 0,4% compared to October 2017. According to the Statistical Service of Cyprus, for the period January-November 2017, the index showed an increase of 3,0% compared to the corresponding period of the previous year.

Source: Cyprus News Agency