CNA News – CNA – Antonios Gkildakis – CYPRUS/Nicosia 03/01/2018 12:29

President: Turkeys threats do not serve the interests of the people of Cyprus

The President of the Republic of Cyprus Nicos Anastasiades has called on Turkey to understand that exploratory drilling in the Republic’s exclusive economic zone concerns the future of the country and its people, Greek Cypriots and Turkish Cypriots alike. The country’s natural wealth belongs to all its legitimate inhabitants, including Turkish Cypriots, and as such any threats hailing from Ankara have no place and do not serve the interests of the people of Cyprus as a whole, he said.

Saudi Arabia and Cyprus enhance relations, says the Gulf Cooperation Council Secretary General

Relations between Saudi Arabia and Cyprus have become closer under the leadership of the President of Cyprus Nicos Anastasiades, Abdul Latif Bin Rashid Al Zayani, the Secretary General of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) said during a meeting with the President in Riyadh. President Anastasiades arrived yesterday in Riyadh and is the first President of Cyprus to pay an official visit to Saudi Arabia.While in Riyadh, the President also praised the instrumental role of the Honorary Consul-General of Cyprus in the Kingdom, Mohamed Abdulkader Al Fadi.

Cyprus-Greece-Israel trilateral meeting postponed

The trilateral summit between Cyprus, Greece and Israel, set to take place on January 8, in Nicosia, was postponed on the request of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and efforts are being made to set a new date. Government Spokesman Nikos Christodoulides told CNA that Netanyahu cited an internal issue of high importance. A new date will be set in the coming days, he added.

UN Security Council set to adopt resolution on UNFICYP mandate renewal end of January

The UN Security Council is set to adopt a resolution on the renewal of the mandate of UNFICYP, the UN peace keeping force in Cyprus, on Tuesday, January 30, on the basis of unofficial consultations, under Kazakhstan’s presidency.The six-monthly report of the UN Secretary General on UNFICYP is expected to be submitted to Security Council members at the latest by January 10.

Nearly 18% of the EU population reported suffering from noisy neighbours

Last year, 17.9% of the population of the European Union (EU) reported suffering from noise from neighbours or the street, according to Eurostat. Unsurprisingly, this proportion is more than twice as high for people living in cities (23.3%) than for those in rural areas (10.4%). In Cyprus the rate was slightly more than 15%.

Source: Cyprus News Agency