CNA Director outlines Agency actions at EANA Spring Conference in Bucharest

Cyprus News Agency Director George Penintaex briefed on Thursday the European Alliance of News Agencies (EANA) Spring Conference, on actions it is taking to protect intellectual property of news agencies and address fake news.

CNA Board Chairman Larkos Larkou and CNA Director represented the Agency at the Conference in Bucharest and had the opportunity for bilateral contacts with various news agencies in Europe, aiming to further develop relations and cooperation.

In his intervention at the Conference, Penintaex presented a brief historical review about CNA, the legislation governing the Agency and referred to the composition of the Board of Directors. He talked in particular about the work of the journalists in Cyprus and abroad.

He pointed out that CNA is one of the smallest news agencies in Europe, it files stories in four different languages (Greek, Turkish, English, Arabic) and intends to introduce a fifth language service in Russian.

Penintaex noted that CNA has its own TV studio, and broadcasts live the plenary sessions of the Cyprus Parliament.

He said that in its efforts to provide improved services to its customers, CNA is planning to launch a new website and install the newsasset agency platform to cover its day-to-day news management and editorial activities, as well as their commercial exploitation.

Penintaex said that CNA gives great emphasis on developing skills in journalism and on ensuring improved application of copyright laws and regulations and of the code of ethics through hosting a number of conferences and open debates, in cooperation with other key players in this area.

He also said that CNA has launched a number of initiatives in Cyprus on copyright and fake news.

The Agency raised the copyright issue and the EANA effort in the European Commission with the six Cypriot Members of the European Parliament, he added.

At the same time, he said, it has forwarded the EANA proposals on the new EU Directive on Copyright in the Digital Single Market to the competent government authority in Cyprus, which said that the government supports the objectives of the proposal and the review of the copyright framework and promised to contribute constructively to the discussions to draft a legally-sound text.

CNA Director informed his European counterparts that the Agency hosted a conference in Nicosia under the title: Fake News: Phenomenon of manipulation in the modern world, in cooperation with the European Parliament Information Office in Cyprus and other Cypriot organisations.

He also referred to a meeting organized by CNA, on ways to tackle the fake news phenomenon, in cooperation with ATC, an international software vendor which presented the Truly Media, a collaborative tool that helps users evaluate the validity level of user generated content that is distributed and shared via various social networks.

The meeting was attended by key figures of the island’s media industry, including representatives from the Union of Journalists, the Radio-Television Authority, the Press and Information Office, the media Complaints Commission, the Office for the Protection of Individual Data, the Cyprus Police, local universities and other organisations.

Source: Cyprus News Agency