CMP present via teleconference at a PACE committee meeting in Strasbourg

The three members of the Committee on Missing Persons (CMP) spoke via teleconference during a meeting of the PACE Migration, Refugees and Displaced Persons Committee on Monday in Strasbourg.

A press release issued by the Cyprus Parliament says that the Committee discussed Resolution 2214 (2018), on the humanitarian needs and the rights of the displaced people in Europe.

Head of the Cyprus delegation to PACE, MP Stella Kyriakides pointed out that CMPs work is extremely important and called on Turkey to cooperate in the issue of the missing in Cyprus, by granting access to military zones and to army files. She said that many Greek Cypriots were transferred to Turkey after the 1974 invasion of the island and went missing.

Kyriakides said that the issue of the missing and the displaced in Cyprus are two of the more tragic aspects of the Cyprus problem, adding that as a result of the Turkish invasion of the island, the summer of 1974, one third of the total population of the island, became refugees and up until this day, they cannot return to their homeland. She also said that most of the first generation refugees have passed away.

Kyriakides also said that many Turkish Cypriots were forced by Turkey to flee their homes and reside in the occupied areas.

Cyprus has been divided since 1974, when Turkish troops invaded and occupied its northern third. Since then, the fate of hundreds of people remains unknown.

The Committee on Missing Persons has been established, upon agreement between the leaders of the two communities, with the scope of exhuming, identifying and returning the remains of missing persons to their relatives.

Source: Cyprus News Agency