Closed roads for Cyprus Rally Special stage in Nicosia

The Cyprus Rally CNP ASFALISTIKI Super Special Stage will take place on Saturday, June 17 in the roads in central Nicosia and the stage will be conducted twice the same day; on 11:27 in the morning and on 16:59 in the afternoon.

According to the organisers, this year’s stage has been shortened to avoid the closing of central avenues which in the past have caused traffic congestion and discomfort to the public. The stage’s epicentre will be the Markos Drakos round about next to Paphos Gate and the following roads will be temporarily closed:

Rigenis Street � from the junction with Arsinois Street all the way up to the Markos Drakos round about next to the Pafos Gate

Egyptou (Egypt) street � from the Lloyd George util the Markos Drakos round about by the Pafos Gate

Museum street � from the junction with Nehru street until the Markos Drakos round about next to Pafos Gate

Kinyras Street � from the junction at Pedieos bridge until the Markos Drakos round about next to the Pafos Gate

Markos Drakos street

Charalmbos Mouskos street � up to the junction with Kinyras sreet

Kostis Palama street (one lane)

One lane of Gregoris Afxentiou street

Chilonos street � direction towards Museum street traffic lights

Additionally, on Wednesday, June 14 the above roads will be closed to the public from 15:00 until 20:00 as the rally crews will recce the stage.

The public wishing to watch the special stage is advised to come to the area earlier and to use all adjacent parking areas and to comply with directions of the Police and the safety marshals. No entry fee will be charged for fans wishing to watch this year’s CNP ASFALISTIKI Super Special Stage.

Source: Cyprus News Agency