“City and Architecture II” Activity Takes Place at EMU Faculty of Architecture

Taking place under the moderatorship of Housing Education Research and Advisory Center (HERA-C) Executive Board Member Asst. Prof. Dr. Afet Celiker, the activity “City and Architecture II” took place at Eastern Mediterranean University (EMU) Architecture Faculty. The themes of the said event were Emigration – War – Property problems and the event aimed to share the accumulated university knowledge regarding housing with all involved in the housing sector. Writer- director Aliye Ummanel and actress Hatice Tezcan were present at the event to share their professional experiences with the attendees, not only in architecture but also in the field of art. The event was attended by a crowded group of people and took place in a warm and interactive environment.

EMU HERA-C Chair, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Ka?an Gunce stated that the theatre play ‘House’ which was staged by the Nicosia Municipality Theatre reveals the ’emigration, war and property problems of today and the near past, which society is still questioning’. Assoc. Prof. Dr. Gunce also noted that the posters and the press reflections of ‘House’ and of other plays written and directed by Aliye Ummanel are being exhibited at Architecture Faculty Exhibition Hall until the 6th of December 2016.

Source: Eastern Mediterranean University