Chloraka village implements door to door recycling programme

For three months now a door to door recycling programme is being implemented in the community of Chloraka, in Pafos District, on the western part of the island.

According to the president of the Chloraka community council Nicholas Liasides, the local authority has signed an agreement with Green Dot since June 2017 onward and has proceeded with door to door recycling programme.

In statements to CNA, Liasides said that recyclable materials are separated into three categories. There are the plastic bottles, alumin?um and tin packaging and tetra pack packaging. The second category includes carton boxes, newspapers, advertising leaflets and office paper. The third category includes glass bottles, jars and other glass containers.

According to Liasides recycling is an easy process which takes place every week.

PMD and paper are collected door to door every Thursday. Residents place the items to be collected in special see-through brown bag, which they can get at supermarkets, he said.

The head of the Chloraka local authority said that if citizens reside in a block of flats, a special Green Dot blue bin is placed in their yard so that they can put their PMD materials.

Glass, he noted, is not collected door to door and should be taken to the special bell type green bins which are located in accessible to the public spots.

Chloraka residents have welcomed with enthusiasm the door to door packaging recycling, noting at the same time that there is room for improvement.

Referring to green spots established earlier by the local authority, he said they have been abolished because they constituted a source of possible infection.

Source: Cyprus News Agency