Chinese SME Trading Business Ambassador Global OConnect to Launch Showroom in Dubai for Middle Eastern Markets

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates, April 25, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — Global OConnect, China’s top O2O cross-border e-commerce service provider will make its first appearance in Middle East market through launching a showroom in Dubai on April 28th, after successfully operated such affairs in Russia and China.

Global OConnect is an offline business partner of OSell E-commerce platform. This partnership builds on the mission of linking global retailers and Chinese manufacturers together, and providing them with import and export support on both custom clearance and goods delivery fronts. Global OConnect plays an essential role in this business model through building showrooms overseas where local retailers, after finding products online, are able to see and feel the products of interest with their own eyes and hands before deciding on an order.

Kevin Fenn, founder of Global OConnect, is excited about this milestone step the company will take, “We’re the bridge between Chinese suppliers and global retailers. Online business is populating the global business sphere. However, people still trust better when they see the goods they will buy. And they’d prefer to be less troubled with all the procedures in trading. Global OConnect is just what they need. We’ve had success with Russia market and we look forward to continuing the success in Middle East.”

Global OConnect was established in Chongqing, China in 2015. The business concept is in answer to the demands Chinese businesses have of going abroad. Global OConnect functions as a trade fair but differences to traditional fairs. With Global OConnect, Chinese products are shown every day in a showroom built in overseas cities along the One Belt One Road economic zone; and a warehouse at the back of the showroom to accommodate ordered goods before being shipped. When visitors to Global OConnect showroom walk through each booth, high technology embedded in the exhibition installations will capture data for improving of user experiences. In addition, the company can provide businesses with logistical and financial assistance with its own dedicated logistic teams and system of credit guarantee and payment collection. Global OConnect is strategically targeting at those small and medium businesses as in recent years they’ve grow to take 80% of total trading volume.

Global OConnect’s inauguration to Dubai will no doubt bring closer the two economies in regards of trading. China-made products will have a smooth path paved for them to go abroad; while retailers in the United Arab Emirates and the larger Middle East market will have easy access to high quality goods at reasonable prices.