Chiefs of Greek and Cyprus Police agree to strengthen cooperation

The Chiefs of Police of Cyprus and Greece have agreed to further strengthen cooperation between the forces, in various sectors, especially combatting terrorism.

Chief of the Hellenic Police Constantinos Tsouvalas is currently in Cyprus and met on Friday with Chief of the Cyprus Police Zacharias Chrysostomou and Minister of Justice and Order Ionas Nikolaou.

In a joint press conference, Tsouvalas and Chrysostomou referred to the excellent cooperation between the two forces.

Chrysostomou said they discussed various issues, including organised crime, terrorism, cyberattacks, illegal migration, and training, and agreed to enhance cooperation in combatting terrorism and organise joint exercises.

Tsouvalas said strengthening cooperation would be beneficial for home security, peace, and democracy, and would secure a better and safer future for the two peoples, adding that efforts would focus on various sectors in order to improve efficiency.

Cooperation between the two Police forces was also discussed during Tsouvalas’ meeting with the Minister of Justice, who said various issues were discussed, especially those affected by political decisions, such as cooperation, training, and operation.

Nikolaou said they also discussed further enhancing the cooperation of Cyprus and Greece with Israel in Police matters.

Speaking after his meeting with the Minister, Tsouvalas assured that cooperation between the Police forces of Cyprus and Greece would become stronger and more efficient.

Source: Cyprus News Agency