Chief of Police says everything running smoothly in presidential elections

The work of the Police is running smoothly during today’s presidential elections, Chief of Police Zacharias Chrysostomou has said, noting that there had been various complaints which were being investigated.

He also said that a complaint that vouchers were being given to voters in Paphos did not seem to be serious.

In statements to the press, Chrysostomou said this was a very important day for democracy and that the Police were called upon to secure orderly and safe elections.

He noted that 2,000 police officers were on duty for the elections and that there was constant cooperation with the Chief Returning Officer and his representatives, adding that special units had been set up to investigate any complaints.

Chrysostomou furthermore noted that some of the Police measures were evident and some were discreet, adding that modern technology was being used to support the Police work.

Source: Cyprus News Agency