Chemex Modular Selected by Niger Delta Petroleum Resources to Expand Leading Nigerian Refinery

NEW WAVERLY, Texas, Sept. 5, 2016 /PRNewswire/ —┬áChemex Modular, LLC is pleased to announce it has reached terms in principle with its longtime client and business partner Niger Delta Petroleum Resources Ltd (“NDPR”) to expand NDPR’s existing refining capacity from 1,000 barrels of crude per day to 11,000 barrels per day. In addition to its existing diesel only (automotive gas oil) production capacity, the expanded refinery will allow NDPR to supply increased diesel capacity, jet fuel (aircraft turbine fuel), gasoline (premium motor spirits), and marine diesel oil.

Chemex Modular designed and fabricated the existing NDPR refinery, which was commissioned in 2012 and has been utilized at full capacity since 2012. NDPR currently operates the only privately-held petroleum refinery in Nigeria, and does so profitably.

Chemex Modular is proud to have been selected to provide the additional expansion equipment and technological services. The new units will include additional crude distillation units, a naphtha hydrotreater, a naphtha splitter, and a catalytic reforming unit for the production of gasoline. The expansion will provide numerous additional local jobs for skilled operators, technicians, and plant maintenance personnel.

Chemex Modular and NDPR expect commissioning of the expansion to occur in early 2018.

About Chemex Modular, LLC:

Chemex Modular, LLC is a leading supplier of modular refinery and gas processing equipment. Since 1978, Chemex Modular has provided equipment for diesel topping plants, hydroskimming refineries for the production of high-octane gasoline, flare gas reduction units, waste to energy plants, and much more. Chemex Modular equipment is 100% custom designed for each project and is fully guaranteed. All Chemex Modular equipment is sourced or refurbished and fabricated in the United States of America, packaged, and shipped overseas for installation. For more information, see