CellPoint Mobile Introduces Velocity, a Mobile PSP-as-a-Service (MPaaS) Solution for Quick Deployment of Payment Apps & APMs for Airlines

Rapid deployment & frictionless integration bring new payment methods to market quickly, enabling airlines to capture passenger revenues from the mobile-first travel marketplace

SINGAPORE, Aug. 4, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — CellPoint Mobile (www.cellpointmobile.com), a provider of comprehensive and powerful commerce and payment solutions for global airlines, is offering a new product called Velocity, the payment industry’s first Mobile PSP-as-a-Service (MPaaS) solution to help airlines deploy popular mobile payment solutions, payment apps, and alternative payment methods (APMs) quickly, profitably, securely and without friction to existing financial systems.

Created specifically for airlines and travel operators, CellPoint Mobile’s Velocity turns Payment Service Provider (PSP) functionality into a plug-and-play business service, enabling airlines to leverage the revenue potential that arises from the unparalleled growth and promotion of mobile payment technologies, while meeting rising passenger demand for secure and very convenient shopping on payment-enabled smartphones, wearables and mobile devices.

Velocity’s three scalable service options– Engage, Accelerate and Advance – let airlines align mobile payment functionality with their immediate business needs, markets and revenue goals. Engage, for example, supports the rapid roll-out of two popular global consumer wallets or payment apps, Accelerate supports three more APMs and added payment functionality, and Advance integrates up to 10 payment methods per market and full reporting capabilities for airlines interested in robust mobile payment strategies.

Built-for-mobile solutions, deployable in weeks
“Bolting mobile-centric payment capabilities onto legacy commerce systems is not a viable or profitable strategy in a marketplace that is rapidly shifting toward a mobile-first, mobile-only airline passenger,” says Kristian Gjerding, CEO of CellPoint Mobile. “Our solutions and platform have been built specifically for the mobile environment, making it both easy and quick for us to offer PSP functionality and APM support to airlines – regardless of a passenger’s device, channel, preferred payment method or currency. With Velocity, airlines can stay current with the speed of innovation by such industry players as Google, Apple, Facebook, Amazon, PayPal and device manufacturers.”

CellPoint Mobile rolled out Apple Pay functionality with an international carrier in August 2015 and it was also the first provider to integrate the Android Pay in-app solution in a major airlines app with Emirates in May 2016.

“Integrating Android Pay with CellPoint Mobile will make it easier for even more businesses of all sizes to further streamline their checkout experience by offering their customers a simpler, faster in-app payment experience,” said Spencer Spinnell, Director of Business Development for Google.

Turn “lookers” into “bookers,” capture mobile revenues
Immediate benefits of a Velocity engagement, Gjerding says, are increased conversions from the mobile channel by turning “lookers into bookers;” reduced implementation costs and quicker time to market – from months to weeks – for some of the world’s most popular wallets, apps and payment methods; and near-immediate access to new mobile revenue streams from direct-channel sales and ancillary products.

Key features of Velocity include:

  • Immediate access to multiple PSPs, acquirers, payment apps and value-added services
  • A PCI DSS Level 1 certified card vault and an APM aggregator solution to support and roll out APMs quickly and easily
  • A central, self-service platform for payment configuration, reconciliation, customer service and reporting across all business and sales channels
  • Flexibility around choosing, editing and updating the right mix of PSPs and acquirers to take advantage of best rates and direct-channel sales.

“Airline finance executives know they need to leverage the mobile marketplace in order to protect existing revenues and create new revenue streams from passengers who want to pay from their smartphones as they travel,” Gjerding acknowledges. “Until now, they have not been able to achieve or maintain parity with a marketplace in which devices, technologies, consumer behaviors and new payments methods evolve rapidly. Velocity delivers the parity and flexibility airlines seek, and it positions them for success in a rapidly changing, moving-to-mobile marketplace.”

CellPoint Mobile also supports MasterPass, Mobile Pay, Samsung Pay and Visa Checkout; it can add dozens of other APMs as needed by airlines.

About CellPoint Mobile
CellPoint Mobile (www.cellpointmobile.com) provides comprehensive and powerful commerce and payment solutions for global airlines, supporting all payment methods, all channels, all currencies and all devices. Since 2007, it has helped clients in transportation, retail and financial service sectors achieve an average 4.5% increase in incremental, direct-channel revenues. CellPoint Mobile has offices in London, Dubai, Pune, Miami and Copenhagen.