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CYPRUS: Tourist arrivals jump 8% in January

Tourist arrivals in Cyprus for January were the highest ever recorded over a 12�month period and spiked 8% on last year, official data showed Monday.Arrivals of tourists reached 81,970 in January compared to 75,867 in the same month of 2018,

EUROPE: Cyprus worried over rising possibility of a disorderly Brexit

The risk of Britain crashing out of the EU is rising as non-ratification of the Withdrawal Agreement becomes the default position, acknowledge EU Brexit negotiator Michel Barnier and Cyprus Foreign Minister Nikos Christodoulides.Following talks in Brus...

TRAVEL: Trips abroad by Cyprus residents increased 11%

Cyprus residents taking a trip abroad in January spiked 11% reaching 119,570 from 107,759 the year before, according to data.The most significant change in January was a 70.1% jump recorded in trips to Russia, that stood at 8,979 compared to

TECHNOLOGY: Cyprus workforce lacks basic digital skills

Cyprus employers have identified deficiencies in the basic digital skills of their workforce which is holding back progress, according to PwC's '2018 Global Digital IQ Survey', on the worldwide effort in the business sector to catch up with the digital...

CYPRUS: Parliament approves EUR 68.7 mln budget for health scheme

Parliament has approved the EUR 68.7 mln budget for the body that will run the Cyprus General Health Scheme, with EUR 55 mln being allocated for wages of hospital staff and officials of State Health Services Organisation OKYPY.While the House

CYPRUS: Two arrested for operating illegal casino

The owner of an illegal casino raided in Ypsonas and his receptionist are scheduled to appear in a British Bases Court in Episkopi on February 21 after they were bailed on a combined total of Euros 13,000 Thursday.The man, whose