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23,4 million new voters for European Elections in May

Twenty - three million four thousand citizens will have the opportunity to vote for the first time during the European Elections in May.A total of 373 million people are entitled to vote at the elections that will take place from

Cabinet gives green light for new back up air traffic control system

The Council of Ministers approved on Wednesday the purchase of a new back-up air traffic control system, to replace the existing obsolete system at the Flight Control Center at the Acropolis area in Nicosia.Speaking after the Cabinet meeting, which con...

Cabinet approves changes in Cyprus Investment Program

The Cabinet approved Wednesday a series of changes to make the Cyprus Investment Program even more targeted and trustworthy, Finance Minister Harris Georgiades said.In statements at the Presidential Palace, the Minister of Finance said that the Cabinet...

Cabinet sets up General Secretariat for European Affairs

The Council of Ministers decided on Wednesday to set up a General Secretariat for European Affairs, after a proposal submitted by the Minister of Foreign Affairs, aiming at the comprehensive management of European issues, in order to secure the full

European Parliament strengthens EU disaster response capability

An upgrade of the EU's civil defence mechanism, tested to its limits by 2017 and 2018 forest fires, storms and floods, received the support of the European Parliament on Tuesday, in Strasbourg.The text was approved by 620 votes to 22

Italian PM stresses need for a stable solution to manage migration flows

Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte stressed on Tuesday the need for a stable solution to manage migration flows, including so-called secondary movements, based on real solidarity between member states.He also asked for a new approach to Africa's pro...