European Health Interview Survey, 2014

The Statistical Service of Cyprus announces that the report “European Health Interview Survey 2014” has been published.

The Report provides statistical information related to the health status of the population, longstanding illness or longstanding health problem, accidents, physical conditions, personal care, emotional condition, health care services, smoking, alcohol consumption and other health topics.

The main findings of the survey are:

� 81,2% of the population aged 15 years and over consider their health status as good or very good, 13,6% fair and 5,2% bad or very bad.

� The most frequent long-standing health problems are hypertension, low back disorder or other chronic back defect, neck disorder or other chronic neck defect, allergies, diabetes, osteoarthritis, asthma, etc.

� 82,2% of the population aged 65 years and over is able to perform the main activities of daily living such as eating, sitting and getting up out of bed, dressing, bathing and using the toilet, without any difficulty.

� During the past 12 months, 7,6% of the population was admitted in a hospital or clinic as an inpatient.

� During the past 12 months, 62,0% of the population visited medical or surgical specialists, whereas 12,4% visited general practitioners or family doctors.

� During the past 12 months, 45,2% of the population visited a dentist, an orthodontist or other dental care specialists.

� During the past 2 weeks, 32,8% of the population used prescribed medicines.

� Among the population aged 15 years and over, the majority 70,9%, reported not smoking at all, 25,7% smoke daily and 3,4% smoke occasionally.

The Report can be downloaded free of charge from the website of the Statistical Service.

Source: Republic of Cyprus, Ministry of Finance, Statistical Service