CAP should not be the only policy to support environmental objectives, Agriculture Minister says

The Common Agriculture Policy (CAP) “should not be the only policy that supports the achievement of environmental objectives related to agriculture and rural areas, but all EU policies should make a significant contribution” Cyprus Minister of Agriculture, Rural Development and Environment Costas Kadis said today at the Agriculture and Fisheries Council, in Brussels.

The debate on the agricultural aspects of the New European Green Deal was at the center of the meeting and the Ministers started a first debate on the contribution of the agricultural sector.

During his intervention, Kadis welcomed the European Green Deal and noted that it should accelerate the adoption of more sustainable and environmentally friendly practices at the horizontal level and noted that the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) could have a significant impact to this venture, given its adequate financial support, but stressed that it should not be the only policy to support the achievement of environmental objectives.

Furthermore, during the discussion of special labeling on products for animal welfare, Minister Kadis stressed that Cyprus supports the implementation of a labelling plan referring to the implementation, at European level, of the welfare provisions of animals. He argued that these provisions should be scientifically substantiated and that their implementation should be preceded by a specific impact study to document the impact on producers and consumers.

Finally, in the context of the Councils work, a joint declaration by a number of Member States, including Cyprus, on the labelling of the country of origin in honey blends was presented. The Minister of Agriculture noted that Cyprus is signing this joint statement, as improved product traceability will help protect consumers, beekeepers and beekeeping in general.

It is noted that on the sidelines of the Councils work, Kadis had a meeting with European Commissioner for Agriculture Janusz Wojciechowski, with whom they discussed issues of mutual concern.

Source: Cyprus News Agency