Cabinet to approve extra Euros 500,000 for cultural heritage committee conservation work

The Cabinet is set to approve an extra Euros 500,000 in funding for the Bicommunal Cultural Heritage Committee’s work, its Greek Cypriot co-chairman Takis Hadjidemetriou told MPs, on Tuesday.

Hadjidemetriou, who appeared before the parliamentary committee on refugees, said the amount will be used for conservation works on eight monuments, seven of which are located in the Turkish occupied areas.

He briefed MPs on the problems many monuments are faced with 45 years after the Turkish invasion of Cyprus and occupation of its northern third. Many monuments have collapsed and others are in the verge of collapsing, he said in statements, adding that it is a race against time in order for the Committee to salvage whatever it can with the means in its disposal.

Monuments which are in a state of near collapse and on which emergency conservation work will be carried out in 2019 are Ayia Anastasia in Lapithos, Ayios Georgios in Vatyli, Ayia Marina in Peristerona, Archangel Michael in Hartzia, Ayios Vasilios in Karakoumi, Ayios Georgios in Vathylaka, Virgin Mary of Mnasis in Morphou and Virgin Mary of Katokopia.

Hadjidemetriou said there are also self-funded projects, explaining that many Turkish occupied communities have raised funds for the conservation of their own monuments and now an effort is ongoing to raise additional necessary funds.

President of the parliamentary committee Skevi Koukouma said on her part that undoubtedly the committee’s work needs to be further supported.

Source: Cyprus News Agency