Cabinet gives green light for casino resort licence

The Cabinet gave on Thursday its seal of approval for the licence granted to the Melco Hard Rock CNS consortium for the operation of a casino resort in Cyprus, Energy, Commerce, Industry and Tourism Minister Yiorgos Lakkotrypis said.

It also approved a proposal that Natural Gas Public Company (DEFA) goes ahead with two tenders for the supply of natural gas in Cyprus.

In statements after the Cabinets meeting Lakkotrypis said that the body ratified the licensing of the casino resort to the consortium Melco Hard Rock CNS, adding that it is now a matter for the Gaming Committee to deal with.

The Gaming Committee and the consortium would have to also sign the licence and from there a coordinating committee will continue to oversee the work done in order to ensure that all criteria set on the basis of the proposal are followed, he added.

With this action the Cabinet has today completed an ambitious effort which started about three years ago, Lakkotrypis noted, recalling the steps which had been followed during that period.

It is a formidable project which will enrich our tourist product and create new jobs, he pointed out.

Two tenders for natural gas supply in Cyprus


Lakkotrypis also said the Cabinet had approved a ministry proposal to give DEFA a mandate to go ahead as soon as possible with two tenders for the supply of natural gas in Cyprus.

The first tender, he explained will be about the creation of the necessary infrastructure and the second for the actual supply of natural gas.

It is essentially the beginning of another effort, a bit different from previous ones, to distribute natural gas in Cyprus for the production of electricity to begin with and following that possibly for other uses, he said.

Source: Cyprus News Agency