Cabinet approves bill ratifying East Mediterranean Gas Forum statute

The Council of Ministers approved on Tuesday the bill ratifying the statute of the international organisation EMGF (East Mediterranean Gas Forum).


Minister of Energy Natasa Pilides said after the meeting of the Cabinet that the aim of the EMGF is to ensure the optimal use of natural gas in the eastern Mediterranean region.


“This is an important development as with the approval of the ratification law by the first five countries that participate in the organisation,  the statute of the organisation, officially enters into force, and therefore the first official meeting of its members can follow,” she said.


She added that Palestine, Egypt and Jordan have already ratified the law while Israel and Cyprus are expected to proceed very soon with the ratification by their Parliaments.


It is expected, she added, that very soon the first five founding members will have completed the process so that the organisation can begin its operations.


The Minister noted that two more members, Greece and Italy, are proceeding with the appropriate actions for the approval of the statute.


Concluding, she said that another positive development is that the EU has formally announced through the EU Energy Commissioner that it is proceeding with the process of joining the organisation as an observer “which is considered very positive as the EU`s support for this effort is of particular importance “.

Source: Cyprus News Agency

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