By mid September taxpayers will receive their immovable property taxes

Around 260,000 taxpayers will receive by mid September their immovable property tax imposed by the government, which is significantly reduced compared to the previous years.

In statements to CNA, top officer at the Tax Department Klelia Papadopoulou said that this year taxpayers, who have in their possession the same property as last year, will be called to pay less.

She recalled that the discount is up to 75%.

Taxpayers who pay their immovable property tax by the end of October they will pay only 25% of the amount of the tax they paid last year, 27,5% if they pay by the end of December and 30,25% (plus taxes) if they pay in 2017.

Concluding, Papadopoulou said that in 2017 the governments tax on immovable property will be fully abolished but taxpayers will pay the immovable property tax imposed by the municipalities and the communities.

Source: Cyprus News Agency