Browder’s case at the Nicosia District Court to continue on January 22

The case concerning Bill Browder, continued on Friday at the Nicosia District Court.

It is recalled that the American multimillionaire, who is wanted by the Russian authorities for tax evasion, had filed a demand for a decree, in the framework of a lawsuit filed at the Cypriot court, prohibiting the Republic of Cyprus to cooperate with the Russian authorities in relation to his case, which has now taken on an international dimension.

Moreover, the Russian authorities had filed a request for judicial assistance from Cyprus, calling on the Cypriot authorities to give information and data regarding the accounts of Browder’s offshore companies, based in Cyprus.

The Law Office of the Republic of Cyprus objected to the demand, filed by Browder’s lawyer, pointing out that according to the law, Cyprus cannot refuse to cooperate with Russia.

During Friday’s hearing, the Court approved Law Office representative’s appeal for more time in order to study the content of an additional affidavit by a foreign lawyer of Browder.

Thus, the Court set that the next hearing on the case will take place on January 22.

The case came to the foreground when Browder’s Russian lawyer, Sergei Magnitsky suddenly died in 2009 while being held in a Russian prison, amid accusations that his death was brought about by torture. Since then, Browder launched an international campaign to inform the international public opinion regarding, as he says, the violation of human rights in Russia.

Source: Cyprus News Agency