BridgeWave All-Outdoor Systems form Wireless Gigabit Backbone for Iraq Ministry of Transportation

BridgeWave backhaul ring provides highest reliability, security, and gigabit connectivity to Ministry’s headquarters and 12 remote branches

SAN DIEGO, May 26, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — BridgeWave Communications, a market leader in wireless backhaul systems, today announced that the Iraq Ministry of Transportation has successfully installed a mix of BridgeWave all-outdoor 60GHz millimeter wave and 24GHz microwave wireless links to form a highly reliable, available, and secure gigabit backhaul ring connecting its headquarters and 12 remote branches. The BridgeWave radios each have the unique capability to support 1 Gbps full duplex data capacities to support growing backhaul capacity requirements. The Ministry of Transportation is responsible for IRAQI road safety, civil aviation, maritime transport, rail transport, developing government transportation policy, organizing public transport, and the maintenance and construction of infrastructural projects.

“Deploying the BridgeWave systems has changed the whole operation of our organization,” said Sadiq Assi al-Saadi, IT manager of the Ministry of Transportation. “Until then, we did not have our own Intranet. Now we have the gigabit backhaul capacity we need for data exchange and connectivity with all our remote sites. We also realized an immediate savings of 60% over the technologies we had been using including a mix of government-owned fiber, Wi-Fi, and point-to-point over satellite. The BridgeWave deployment is a one-time investment, and we own our Intranet.”

The Ministry of Transportation engaged with BridgeWave Certified partner, ICS Technologies, to design and install the backhaul network because of its proven track record in the Iraqi environment and superior technical expertise. “Our experience with BridgeWave products and support has been excellent,” said Mohammed A.Taha, managing director. “The BridgeWave AR60X, GE60, and FlexPort 24GHz systems were the logical choice for their proven performance, feature sets, and reputation for high quality and gigabit applications. Once we engineered the paths, the systems were easy to configure, and we installed the systems in less than a week. They have been operating flawlessly since then, despite the high temperatures and dust storms common in Iraq.”

About BridgeWave
BridgeWave provides high-capacity microwave and millimeter wave backhaul solutions to public and private network operators. With over 30,000 systems deployed in more than 60 countries, BridgeWave systems enable highly secure gigabit connectivity while reducing operating costs relative to fiber.