Bob Geldof Rocks EMU!

Organised annually by Eastern Mediterranean University Social and Cultural Activities Directorate operating under the Vice Rector’s Office for Student Affairs, 7th Rock’n EMU took place at EMU Stadium on 21 April 2017 with the participation of the legend of rock music Bob Geldof and his band ‘The Boomtown Rats’.

At the beginning of the organization, first EMU Music Club and local music group Famagusta Music Band took the stage. Then, world-famous rock legend, Irish singer Bob Geldof and his band ‘The Boomtown Rats’ gave an unforgettable concert for rock lovers. During the two-hour concert, rock lovers had exhilarating moments that will stay in their memories for a long period of time.

Unite the Island

During the concert, Bob Geldof and his group The Boomtown Rats stated that We don’t like nationalism. It kills people. In Ireland, we suffered a lot for this reason. We have lost more than 3000 people. Geldof then urged people to ignore politicians and relics and unite. Geldof added that Cypriots have wasted almost 40 years just to come from Larnaca to Famagusta. He also thanked everyone for ignoring what the Greeks say about the event and for attending the attending the concert here at Eastern Mediterranean University.

South Cyprus Criticises Bob Geldof’s Concert

Bob Geldof’s concert in the TRNC attracted harsh criticisms from South Cyprus. Stating their reactions over internet and via press, Greek Cypriots opposed to Bob Geldof’s concert taking place in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus. Bombarding Bob Geldof’s social media accounts and internet page with thousands of messages, Greek Cypriots tried their best efforts until the last moments to have the said concert cancelled.

Who is Bob Geldof?

Robert Frederick Xenon “Bob” Geldof (Bob Geldof) was born to a Catholic family in 1951. In 1975, he formed the group The Boomtown Rats in Ireland. The Irish lead singer was a songwriter in Pink Floyd’s 1982 film The Wall in which he also acted. In September 1981, he performed the solo version of the song “I Don’t Like Mondays” at The Secret Policeman’s Other Ball upon invitation from Amnesty International. Artists like Sting, Eric Clapton and Phil Collins also attended the event. On the 13th of July 1985, Bob Geldof organized a Live Aid organization with Midge Ure in aid of African children. After achieving the impossible and pulling the whole world’s attention to Africa with his persistence and music Geldof was granted knighthood by the Queen of England.

Source: Eastern Mediterranean University