Bicommunal Video and Drawing Competitions for children and youth organised in Cyprus

The UNDP has announced that the submission deadline for the European Union funded Video and Drawing Competitions for children and youth, organized with the Technical Committee on Culture, has been extended until 19 September 2022.

Both competitions are focused on cultural heritage sites of the island of Cyprus, some of which have been restored by the Technical Committee on Cultural Heritage, to encourage children and youth to engage with the cultural heritage of Cyprus.

Two workshops and an exhibition will be organized at the end of the competition, designed to bring together creative activities, children and youth with culture by means of cultural heritage and visual storytelling. The workshops will take place at the Home for Cooperation.

According to the press release, the Committee aims to engage the two groups of up to 20 children /youth comprised of an equal number of Turkish Cypriots and Greek Cypriots, in particular those who have participated in the competition. Those who have not participated in the competition will also be welcomed in the workshops depending on availability.

During the workshops, participants will be guided through formal and non-­-formal education practices to co-­-create drawings and videos.

This action of the Technical Committee on Culture is supported by the “Support facility to the Bi-Communal Technical Committees” Project, funded by the European Union and implemented by UNDP in coordination with OSASG in Cyprus.

Source: Cyprus News Agency