Bassil to Maronites of Cyprus: Through steadfastness, you can restore your rights and your villages

“The Lebanese have spread throughout the world when space and freedom in Lebanon narrowed, and some of them came to Cyprus, which we thank for its warm hospitality,” said Foreign Minister Gebran Bassil during a luncheon hosted by the Maronite Diocese in Cyprus.

Addressing the Maronite Cypriots who were forced to leave their villages in the North, Bassil said, “Injustice has befallen us everywhere, but we have faced it with steadfastness and success. We wish you more resistance and resilience, for through your steadfastness you will regain your rights and restore your villages.”

“We are by your side on the basis of truth and law…and we, as Lebanese, are united through our humanitarian mission based on love and peace,” Bassil added.

In turn, Cypriot Foreign Affairs and Energy Minister, Juanides Casolides, who attended the luncheon, stressed the importance of strengthening relations between Cyprus and Lebanon, describing the Maronites in Cyprus as “a jewel in view of the leading role they play in the fabric of society in Cyprus.”

Source: National News Agency