Avian influenza cases have been detected in Cyprus

Avian influenza cases have been detected in Cyprus, according to the Veterinary Services of the Ministry of Agriculture, Rural Development and the Environment.

It said the cases were detected in two locations in the Famagusta district belonging to private waterfowl collections.

The two locations were immediately placed under restriction and the owners of the poultry farms instructed to take strict biosecurity measures to prevent the risk of the virus spreading.

The Veterinary Services are informing owners of domestic poultry to confine their birds in enclosed areas to avoid any direct or indirect contact with wild birds. This is particularly important for communities which border wetlands, the press release added.

The Veterinary Services are advising owners who notice increased bird morbidity or mortality to contact their nearest District Veterinary officer or the police.

Bird flu, also called avian flu, is a strain of influenza that infects mostly wild water birds but can infect domestic birds (poultry) and other animals. These strains belong to influenza A type viruses.

Avian influenza is usually transported from one country to another through migratory birds, the press release said.

Source: Cyprus News Agency