Authorities seized 340 kgs of cannabis and 38kg of cocaine in 2022, says Anti-Drug Squad

There has been an increase in the number of drugs seized in 2022, compared to the last five years, deputy commander of Anti-Drug Squad (YKAN) Stelios Sergides told CNA.

He said that according to figures at the end of November 2022, a total of 340 kg of cannabis, 38 kg of cocaine, 3.5 kg of ecstasy pills, 4.5 kg of methamphetamine and 1.5 kg of synthetic and other substances were seized in Cyprus in 2022.

He added that “compared to the last five years, the number of drugs detected in Cyprus in 2022 has increased.” Large quantities of drugs came to the island mainly through Larnaca airport, Post Office parcels and Limassol Port.

He expressed satisfaction over YKAN’s action, adding that the Police is aiming to confiscate drugs before they enter the market, targeting traffickers and drug dealers.

It is important, he added, that people who played an important role in trafficking were arrested and these people were also involved in other forms of crime.

Answering questions, he said most drugs arrived in Cyprus from third countries via Central Europe and according to studies, it looks like cannabis users have increased on the island.

Regarding the issue with the detection of drug packages on beaches in the Famagusta government-controlled areas, Sergides said that so far, 42 kgs of cannabis resin have been washed ashore on Protaras beaches since 20th December 2022.

Interpol and Europol have been informed on the situation and Cyprus authorities are waiting to hear if nearby countries are also facing similar incidents.

He also said Police patrols have been stepped up along the beaches of Famagusta.

Source: Cyprus News Agency