Assize Court finds five guilty of corruption in Pafos sewerage system case

The Assize Court, sitting in Pafos, found yesterday the former Mayor of the town and former MP Fedias Sarikas and another four co-defendants guilty of corruption in connection with a case relating to a scandal linked to the towns sewerage system. The other four defendants are George Michaelides, Efstathios Efstathiou, Vassos Vassiliou and George Siailis. The judge did not read out the lengthy ruling, noting however that it was unanimous.The defendants were found guilty of a total of 61 charges relating, among other charges, to offences of conspiracy to commit felony, conspiracy to defraud, public servant corruption, bribery and misuse of power. The Court has set May 3 for their lawyers to argue for the mitigation of the sentence.

Source: Cyprus News Agency