Ashes of Swedish youth found after stolen from car, three persons arrested

The wooden box containing the ashes of a 19-year-old Swedish youth has been found after it was stolen from his family’s car, and three people have been arrested.

The cremation box was stolen on December 27 from the family’s car, at Governor’s Beach, and was found on December 29 in an open space on the Limassol highway, near the Moni exit.

The Police searched the area based on information provided by civilians. The cremation box will be returned to the family of the deceased.

Following the discovery of the cremation box, three persons were arrested, specifically two men aged 44 and 33 and a woman aged 35.

The 44-year-old man and the 35-year-old woman were taken to the Limassol District Court on Monday which had ordered their detention for four days. The 33 year-old man, who was wanted by the Police and was arrested today, will also be taken before court on Tuesday.

The parents of the 19-year-old boy were informed by the police that the box was found and they are coming to Cyprus on Tuesday to accomplish their goal which is to spread the ashes of their deceased son into the sea of Limassol, in the southern coast of the island.

Ioannis Soteriades, head of Limassol Polices Criminal Investigation Department, said in his statements that the mother, with tears, thanked the citizens and the Police which has succeeded to locate the urn with her sons ashes.

Source: Cyprus News Agency