Asharqia Young Businessmen Council concludes its trip to Finland

The Chairman of Asharqia Young Businessmen Council, Eng. Abdullah bin Faisal Al-Breikan, confirmed the success of the Council’s tour that started last week in Finland, where the Council visited a number of incubators and learn about the most important programs to support entrepreneurship.

Al-Breikan noted the support of the Prince of the Eastern Region His Royal Highness Prince Saud bin Nayef bin Abdulaziz, the Honorary President of the Council, especially for young entrepreneurs in the region with his Highness’ keeness on the progress and development of this sector.

He also referred to the support for His Highness Prince Ahmed Bin Fahad Bin Salman, which contributes to the launch of the Council to different horizons to achieve excellence in entrepreneurship.

He also pointed to the support of His Excellency the Ambassador of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, Dr. Faisal bin Ibrahim Ghulam, with the delegation of Asharqia Young Businessmen Council.

He reviewed the program of the Council and provided great support to the delegation through the coordination of its visits and facilitate its tasks in order to achieve the objectives of the visit.

Al-Breikan said that the Council-through the program of intensive visits that launched on Monday and ended last Friday-was able to form several ideas for pioneering initiatives through which the entrepreneurs can make a difference in the local market.

He pointed out that the Council held several meetings with officials in incubators and programs to know the mechanism of work and various support provided by the centers for entrepreneurs, so that they can start their projects and continue work towards excellence.

Al-Breikan said that the Council is keen to benefit from the international experience to support entrepreneurship in the Eastern Region through contributing to providing all new and useful to the young business sector.

He pointed out that the Council will present-through its programs-a summary of this visit to benefit the sector.

He stressed that the program of visits will continue to target countries that lead in providing various initiatives and programs in order to identify the developments of the business sector and the mechanisms used in various countries of the world to promote the economic work of young entrepreneurs.

For his part, Mohammed bin Khalid al-Mohammadi, a member of Asharqia Young Businessmen Council and the program of visits, said that the members of the delegation during the visit met with the President of the Chamber of Commerce in the city of Helsinki, Fablon Annie, who reviewed a brief about the most prominent services provided to owners of small and medium enterprises.

They also met a number of Finnish businessmen and entrepreneurs to explore potential investment opportunities in Finland.

The delegation also visited other centers and incubators that provide support to entrepreneurs and assist them in establishing their businesses.

They also learned about the key incentives offered by the Government of Finland to the SME sector, in addition to various visits to the research centers and universities whose programs aim to build a new culture that supports the subject of entrepreneurship and provides an opportunity for entrepreneurs, students and others to present their diverse and innovative entrepreneurial ideas and then provide them with specialists who provide them with advice and guidance in order to develop their skills and enable them to start their entrepreneurial projects.

Source: Asharqia Chamber