Asharqia Chamber reviews methods of achieving goals

Asharqia Chamber reviews methods of achieving goals

The General Director of the Women’s Management Institute branch in the Eastern Province, Dr. Hessa bint Abdullah Al-Aqeel, said that a person can achieve his goals to reach his vision.

During a lecture organized by the Asharqia Chamber represented by the Women’s Empowerment Center on the evening of Wednesday, February 17, 2021, Al-Aqeel defined the goal as the goal that the individual seeks and exerts in order to achieve, and it is the end of a process for a theoretical beginning to achieve the desired goal, which is also the guide for the behavior of the individual What satisfies the motivation and achieves ambition, and finally, the decisive result that the individual aspires to reach.

Al-Aqeel talked about the ingredients for success in achieving goals, which are: the smart goal, clearly defining tasks, proper planning, defining and evaluating our daily habits, changing habits and positive thinking in solving problems, referring to the most important positive thinking strategies in solving problems that are based on knowing the problems a person faces In addition to the thought necessary to address them, and the work method necessary to implement these solutions in reality.

Regarding identifying weaknesses and getting rid of them, Al-Aqeel said that there are weaknesses related to the capabilities and abilities of a person, which is a year of difference between people, pointing out that a person should trust and accept his abilities and focus first on his best qualities to raise his confidence levels, lack of focus and exhaustion of oneself in research about perfection.

Source: Asharqia Chamber