Around 3,700 new cancer cases recorded every year in Cyprus, Ministry says

The Ministry of Health said on Saturday that based on the cancer registry approximately 3,700 new cases of cancer are recorded every year in the country.

On the occasion of World Cancer Day on February 4, the Ministry of Health says that according to European Union data for 2020, 2.7 million people were diagnosed with cancer in the EU, while another 1.3 million people died from it, including more than 2,000 young people.

This day reminds us that cancer constitutes a great health threat and that states must act for prevention, early intervention, treatment and improvement of the quality of life of cancer patients, the Ministry says.

Furthermore, it notes that among other actions, it has expanded breast screening programme for women covering the ages of 45-74 years, it will go ahead with implementing a programme for the detection of colon cancer and has included the vaccine against the human papilloma virus – HPV for children aged 11-12 years.

It also says that following an intervention of the Minister of Health, Michalis Hadjipantela, an agreement was reached from January 1, 2023, to grant “the Right to be Forgotten” for life insurance of people with a history of cancer, in the context of an agreement between Europa Donna Cyprus and the Insurance Association of Cyprus.

The “Right to be Forgotten” agreement makes Cyprus a pioneer EU member state in this important social issue, the press release says.

Source: Cyprus News Agency