Around 30 women in Cyprus are diagnosed annually with cervical cancer

Around 30 women in Cyprus are diagnosed annually with cervical cancer, Minister of Health Giorgos Pamporides has said.

Speaking on Wednesday at a press conference, on the occasion of the 12th European Week for the prevention of cervical cancer, the Minister said that between 2010 and 2014 there were fewer than 10 deaths per year (with an average of 8) from cervical cancer, while in 2015 and 2016, 14 and 13 women respectively lost their lives due to this type of cancer.

Noting that 500,000 new cases are recorded annually worldwide (60,000 of which in Europe), he said that this type of cancer can be prevented, treated and defeated provided that women proceed with the necessary Papanikolaou test.

Pamporides said that the Ministry of Health’s goal is to minimize or even eliminate the number of new cases in Cyprus.

Therefore, he added, the Ministry has taken a series of preventive measures including the introduction of the HPV vaccine in the vaccination program, which began with the school year 2016-2017 including thousands of girls in public and private schools.

The Ministry’s intention, he concluded, is to extend the vaccination program to include boys and other age groups.

Source: Cyprus News Agency