Ariel Corporation Celebrates 50 Years of Business

MOUNT VERNON, Ohio, April 27, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — Ariel Corporation, the world’s leading manufacturer of reciprocating separable natural gas compressors, is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year.

In the mid-1960s, Jim Buchwald designed a small, high-speed reciprocating gas compressor. With his partners Jim Doane and George Woodman, he incorporated Ariel in 1966 with a business plan based on manufacturing excellence, quality, and customer support. Today, Ariel has grown to be the world’s largest manufacturer of reciprocating compressors and has sold over 53,000 compressors, providing gas gathering, gas processing, pipeline transport, underground storage, enhanced oil recovery, and CNG fueling services. The company is a private, family business presided over by Buchwald’s daughter, Karen Buchwald Wright.

Ariel owes a great deal of its success to its remarkable workforce, which goes above and beyond every day to ensure that Ariel compressors meet stringent quality standards. Furthermore, Ariel employees provide unparalleled customer support in every capacity, from placing initial orders to supplying parts and providing field engineering support, which has directly contributed to the company’s stellar reputation over the past five decades.

In addition to Ariel’s workforce, the partnerships and relationships built and maintained by the company’s global network of distributors are second to none. Ariel distributors represent the company to the oil and gas market and endeavor to offer the same level of lifetime support on which Ariel has built its reputation.

Karen Buchwald Wright, President and CEO, says, “Since Ariel’s founding in 1966, we have not wavered from our core values. We ensure quality through innovation and tireless attention to detail; we stand behind each compressor for life; and we regard the people who build Ariel compressors with respect and gratitude. As we celebrate Ariel’s 50th anniversary, we look back on the challenges, achievements, people, products, innovations, and operational developments of the past fifty years. Our commitment to ingenuity, pride, community, and longevity has defined our organization, and we believe it will continue to shape our future.”

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Ariel Corporation is the world’s largest manufacturer of separable reciprocating natural gas compressors. Headquartered in Mount Vernon, Ohio, Ariel is a world-class manufacturer and sets the industry standard in research and development, design and manufacturing, and customer support. Founded in 1966, Ariel is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year.