AQUA Carpatica Earns Gold Lion Award at Cannes International Festival of Creativity

AQUA Carpatica’s “Purity Test” Campaign Recognized with Prestigious Award

NEW YORK, June 30, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — AQUA Carpatica, the world’s only nitrate-free naturally sparkling mineral water, is pleased to announce the brand has been awarded the first gold trophy for Romania on the second day of the 62ndCannes Lions International Festival of Creativity—the “Oscars” for the Advertising and PR industry. With over 239 submissions, AQUA Carpatica was awarded a Golden Lion in the PR Category for their “Purity Test” campaign. This accolade celebrates the creative use of reputation, and acknowledges how well an organization can build trust and an increased understanding between the brand and their audience.

AQUA Carpatica Earns Gold Lion Award at Cannes International Festival of Creativity.

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Developed by Cohn and Jansen J. Walter Thompson for Nitrate-free AQUA Carpatica, the “Purity Test” campaign informed the public about the content of their water. The campaign led to the mapping of harmful nitrates in the waters of Romania and raised awareness of the negative health effects, especially for children.

The “Purity Test” gave consumers the ability to test by themselves the level of nitrates in their bottled water in all major supermarkets throughout Romania. By testing waters from various brands with a simple strip of paper that detected the nitrate content, AQUA Carpatica’s mission for water purity became even more transparent. Over 70,000 people voted for the “Purity Law,” which fights to have lawmakers enforce bottled water producers to list the Nitrate levels on every label. As the brand continues to expand internationally, AQUA Carpatica will continue its mission to inform the public about the content of their drinking water and encourages stricter labeling across the globe.

About AQUA Carpatica

AQUA Carpatica comes from springs deep within the Carpathian Mountains – an ancient land where time seems to stand still, leaving only the pristine beauty of nature and history. It’s the last wild forest in Europe, and with no agriculture or industrial activity in the surrounding areas, it’s like going back to a time before chemicals, fertilizers, CFCs and other contaminants even existed.

With AQUA Carpatica, purity and taste go hand in hand. Millions of years of volcanic activity have filtered impurities at the source and endowed our water with its unrivaled flavor. Natural minerals enrich AQUA Carpatica’s sparkling water – the only nitrate-free, naturally sparkling water on Earth.

The springs that provide the foundation for AQUA Carpatica have been preserved from the beginning of time and they’ll be protected for thousands of years more. Taste AQUA Carpatica, a taste bestowed by nature, a spring safeguarded by nature.

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