Ankara’s intransigence did not allow us to have a settlement, President tells diaspora in the US, calling on them to defend Cyprus

Despite our efforts and despite the concessions and the historical compromises that have been made, unfortunately the intransigence of Ankara did not allow us to have a Cyprus settlement, President Nicos Anastasiades said on Friday addressing the annual honorary dinner of the Federation of Cypriot Organizations of America, in New York.


Speaking to the Cypriots and Greeks of the diaspora, Anastasiades asked them to “keep the flag of Greece and Cyprus high. Keep our ideals and defend our country as you have done for the past decades. Those who persist win and this will happen in the end because justice will prevail despite the hypocrisy that distinguishes some circles,” he added


Anastasiades noted that this is the last time he addresses the expatriates who have excelled and supported their homeland far from ambitions and pursuits.


“People distinguished by their patriotism, distinguished by their love for our Cyprus and for that one of my feelings can only be that of great gratitude, the warm thanks that I feel the need to express. I thank you from the bottom of my heart, as does all of Cyprus. You have strengthened us and our fight without your contribution would possibly be much more difficult,” he added.


The President of the Republic of Cyprus noted that “in a short period of time we managed to reverse both the adverse effects of the economy and the unfavorable situation that had been created. I am not here to criticize my predecessors. The opposite. Everyone contributed as much as they could.”


He said that from the very beginning they focused on recovering Cyprus’ territorial integrity. “We fought to find a functional, sustainable solution that would last over time and that our children could hope for. Despite our efforts, despite the concessions, despite the historical compromises, unfortunately the intransigence of Ankara did not allow the solution that would create the prospects to save the Hellenism in Cyprus,” he added.


He noted that Cyprus is an EU member state and has forged alliances so that it feels safe. I want to emphasize what we achieved together, the efforts to make America realize that there is a strategic ally in the Mediterranean which, in cooperation with other countries in the region, can ensure and guarantee stability.


“And today, America is one of the strategic partners along with Israel that can be reliable allies and friends,” for much greater benefits and synergies for those interested in the region, he added


Anastasiades also spoke about the honored person of the evening, Greek Cypriot scientist, Dr. Kyriakos Athanasiou who was given the “Lifetime Achievement Award”.


“You are also honoring a young, distinguished scientist who made our small country bigger. Citizens like Kyriakos Athanasiou who through science, through initiatives and dedication make us feel proud. And I want to congratulate you for this choice,” he noted .


Concluding his speech, Mr. Anastasiades said: “My last advice is to keep the flag of Greece and Cyprus high. Keep our ideals and defend our country as you have done for the past decades. Those who persist win and this will happen in the end because justice will prevail despite the hypocrisy that distinguishes some circles.”


“Today, I had the opportunity to speak openly about the United Nations and about people who turn a blind eye. There are many times in which interests prevail. But our fight can change this situation and this hypocrisy. Contiunue honor our homeland and your homeland will honor you as you deserve,” he added.


President of the Federation of American Cypriot Organizations, Kyriakos Papastylianou, referred to the Cypriots and the Greeks who fight not only for national issues but also for the preservation of cultural heritage, language and religion.


Addressing the President Anastasiades, Papastylianou said: “In today’s speech at the United Nations, you very correctly highlighted the role of the United Nations and the Security Council, but also the unacceptable claims of Mr. Erdogan. Decisions, resolutions which are not applied to all countries make us wonder what the role of these two organizations is.”


“During the last ten years as a President you have tried and done everything necessary to find a sustainable solution so that Greek Cypriots and Turkish Cypriots will live peacefully without troops. Unfortunately, Turkey’s continued intransigence has not brought any positive results.”


He also thanked US Senator Bob Menendez for his support over the years.


“The Cyprus problem has not been solved yet. But this does not mean that we should not be proud of what we have achieved so far,” Papastylianou said.


The President of PSEKA, Philip Christopher, stressed that the Greek community works hard for Cyprus and Greece, and thanked the expatriate organizations, PSEKA, AHEPA, AHI, Hellenic American Leadership Council.


“Our job is to continue to fight and work hard to free Cyprus and protect Greece despite the disappointments you have caused after 48 years,” he noted


“I am asking the government to make a plan that says exactly what a solution to the Cyprus issue should be. And all together, all the organizations “sell” this plan to the American government. We have the power to help Cyprus and Greece” Christopher noted, among others.


The Archbishop of America, Elpidophoros, referring to Kyriakos Athanasiou, said that “Athanasious’ recognition is a reminder to the world of the talent and of the intelligence of the Greeks of Cyprus. All of us here represent the best of the Cypriot Diaspora. Your heart beats for Cyprus. The prize is all yours. Let’s see justice in Cyprus and a united and successful Cyprus”.


Cyprus has been divided since 1974, when Turkey invaded and occupied its northern third. Repeated rounds of UN-led peace talks have so far failed to yield results.


Source: Cyprus News Agency