Al-Khaldi: “Portfolio of emerging technologies” is a pioneering step to support the renewal and digitization of the national economy

After being launched by the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology:

Al-Khaldi: “Portfolio of emerging technologies” is a pioneering step to support the renewal and digitization of the national economy.

Al-Bajash: Four positive results from the launch of the emerging technology portfolio.

The Chairman of the Board of Directors of Asharqia Chamber Abdul Hakim bin Hamad Al-Ammar Al-Khaldi described the launching of the emerging technologies portfolio that worth SR1 billion to generate and qualify 3,500 small projects by the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology as a “pioneering” step to support Saudization options in one of our most important sectors (ICT), which is supporting the Government’s good intentions in creating the incubator environment for small and medium enterprises and supporting the renewal and diversification of the national economy.

Al-Khaldi commented on the agreement signed by His Excellency Minister of Communications and Information Technology Abdullah Al-Sawahah with the Development Bank to launch this portfolio as “an interactive step with the technological and scientific development witnessed by our country, and at the same time, it is a response to today’s data that is characterized by the advantage and vitality of self-employment, especially in the sectors of investment attractiveness such as the ICT sector.”

He explained that this sector is a large sector of Saudi youth who are dealing with modern technologies and means of communication in various forms and types and in various ways.

Therefore, their willingness to work and invest in this area appears to be stimulating and encouraging.

Al-Khaldi added that modern life is highly dependent on communications and information technology, so this sector represents a large market area of the Kingdom, as everyone requests this technique and interacts with it in one form or another.

Therefore, stimulating investment and diversifying this demand to serve our major national development goals is very important.

He noted that the Ministry moves to launch this portfolio and its promising results and large towards opening employment opportunities for Saudi youth, as well as openness to modern technologies and the settlement of what can be settled in this regard.

Al-Khaldi noted that the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology is in harmony with other official decisions, most notably the requirements of Vision 2030, which emphasizes the use of communications and information technology, while at the same time developing and activating the role of small and medium enterprises.

It can be said that this new resolution is a “positive” decision par excellence and is consistent with the Vision of 2030 that achieves one of the most important goals, which is to empower Saudi youth from the growing economic mobility.

For his part, the member of the Board of Directors and Chairman of the Communications and Information Technology Committee in Asharqia Chamber Nasser bin Rashid Al-Bajash said that the launch of this portfolio means a new opportunity, which is a part of the tremendous opportunities offered by the government to citizens to improve their lives by working on value added projects, especially as these projects will exceed their limited framework.

It is expected that we will witness many innovations by the citizens in this regard through providing services and goods of national origin, Saudi ideas with Saudi support, as well as the wide-ranging employment opportunities involved in these projects, which will be economically feasible and serving all our development goals, which explicitly stated the Vision of the Kingdom 2030.

Al-Bajash pointed out that this portfolio includes many positive results:

-First is to support the option of scientific transformation of information under which the country has been running for quite some time.

-Second is supporting the Saudization and resettlement decisions in many activities, including activities related to communications and information technology and their connection to national security.

-Third is to support the movement of private investment in one of the most extensive areas and activities.

-Fourthly is supporting the national initiatives of the Saudi youth, which have proven remarkable abilities and distinguished in various fields, including the scientific and technical field.

Al-Bajash concluded by calling upon Saudi youth to take advantage of this opportunity, which carries many positive aspects.

Source: Asharqia Chamber