Al Hammadi: Soon, a new training course at the Saudi Real Estate Institute is for real estate brokerage

Al Hammadi: Soon, a new training course at the Saudi Real Estate Institute is for real estate brokerage

The Executive Director of the Saudi Real Estate Institute, Eng. Khalid bin Jaber Al Hammadi confirmed that work is currently underway to launch a new training course in the Institute for real estate brokerage during the year 2021, as we expect it to achieve a qualitative leap in the real estate sector.

Al-Hammadi said during a remote meeting organized by the Asharqia Chamber represented by the Khafji Business Council on Monday 22 February 2021 and moderated by the Chairman of the Council Marzouq Al-Balawi, that the Saudi Real Estate Institute specializes in disseminating the best international practices in the real estate sector and is the academic arm of the General Real Estate Authority, and is concerned with providing training and qualification for practicing professionals In the Saudi real estate sector, and granting them professional certificates that enable them to enter the labor market with high efficiency, given that the real estate sector is the largest non-oil economic sector in the Kingdom.

Al Hammadi explained that the institute is one of the initiatives launched by the Ministry of Housing to achieve the vision of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia 2030, as it constitutes the first educational entity specialized in the field of real estate sciences in the Kingdom, in cooperation with local and international partners and expert houses in the real estate field, based on its vision that emphasizes raising standards Professionalism in the real estate sector in the Kingdom to the highest levels, through training and qualifying workers in the real estate market.

Al Hammadi pointed out that the institute, since its establishment in 2017, aims to raise the level of knowledge and qualify workers in the Saudi real estate market, familiarity with the regulations and legislation of the Saudi real estate market, developing and organizing the Saudi real estate market, professionalism in training and qualification, and creating job opportunities for Saudis, as it is a real estate platform To exchange experiences and knowledge and is interested in organizing relevant conferences and exhibitions.

Al-Hammadi pointed to a package of training programs that achieve these goals, which will be organized by the Institute in partnership with the Chambers of Commerce during the coming period, in line with the Institute’s mission, which emphasizes the interest in spreading knowledge and meeting the training and educational needs of the real estate sector through optimal partnerships internationally and locally, indicating that the institute aims to reach training 72 thousand trainees until 2025, and stressing the implementation of 5 training programs to prepare qualified leaders in the real estate sector, in addition to training programs aimed at raising the efficiency of workers in the sector, which amount to 10 training programs.

Source: Asharqia Chamber