AKTI Centre launches “Zero Waste Beach” project (CORRECTION)

AKTI Project and Research Centre has launched the project ZERO WASTE BEACH in an attempt to tackle sea pollution.

In the framework of the project various activities will take place in cooperation and coordination with dozens of enterprises. The project is supported by COCA-COLA Foundation.

A press release says that these enterprises, such as coffee shops, restaurants, kiosks, hotels, supermarkets and beach bars will voluntarily participate in a network that will take up actions for the protection of the sea and the coasts, in an effort to tackle the huge issue of sea pollution and beat plastic pollution.

The aim is to reduce the volume of garbage and especially plastic waste in areas close to the shores through specific actions launched by the local authorities, businesses and the public. In the framework of the project it was decided that fifty recycle bins will be placed in pedestrian areas by the beach and an annual campaign will be launched to clean the shores. To this end, the Project Responsible Coastal Businesses Network by AKTI will be reinforced and an effort will begin to count all the recyclable garbage that all enterprises produce.

** The report is in the context of the project Rethink: Reduce- Reuse � Recycle which is funded by the EU programme LIFE+ (project code: LIFE13 INF/CY/000910) of the EU. Coordinating Beneficiary: CyBC. Partners: Green Dot Cyprus, Department of Environment, Cyprus Pedagogical Institute, CNA, Fost Plus Belgium **

Source: Cyprus News Agency