Air passengers in Cyprus reached 7,591,000 in 2015

A total of 7,591,000 passengers travelled by air in Cyprus in 2015, representing growth of 3.6% since 2014. Some 5,345,000 of the total travelled in the EU and 2,246,000 out of the EU. That traffic earned Larnaca airport the 64th place in the155 busiest airports in the EU.

Overall, in 2015, 918 million passengers travelled by air in the European Union (EU), up by 4.7% compared with 2014 and by 22.0% compared with 2009. Over this period, air passenger transport has steadily risen in the EU.

In 2015, intra-EU transport represented 45.2% of total air passenger transport in the EU, followed by extra-EU transport (37.2%), while national transport accounted for fewer than 1 in every 5 passengers (17.6%). On the EU territory in 2015, 155 people were killed in commercial air transport accidents with EU aircraft. Since 2009, 211 persons were killed.

Source: Cyprus News Agency