Agriculture Minister presents Cyprus led counter climate change initiative to EU Commissioner Canete

Minister of Agriculture Costas Kadis presented today a Cyprus Initiative to address Climate Change in the Wider Region of the Eastern Mediterranean and Middle East, to the Commissioner for Climate and Energy M.A.Canete, as he said in the camera of the Press and Information Office (PIO) in Brussels.

“We had a very interesting meeting with the Commissioner for Climate and Energy, Mr. Canete, to whom we presented the initiative that Cyprus wants to develop to address climate change in the wider region of the Eastern Mediterranean and the Middle East, which, as we know, is particularly affected by the effects of climate change, “he said. “I think it was a good thing to present this initiative to the European Commissioner, who asked us for more information, more details which we will give them during the week, so that we can also see and what could be the role of the Commission in it the effort “, the Minister added and stressed that ” in any case we want this initiative developed by Cyprus to be in line with the principles and actions of the EU, but essentially be the arm of the Paris Agreement n in the Eastern Mediterranean region and the Middle East – to the benefit of the wider region in the global effort made to address climate change. “

Regarding the framework of the Council of Ministers for Agriculture and Fisheries, the Minister stated that the discussion of EU28 continued “on a very important issue, how we integrate the principles of the bio-economy and the cyclical economy and where Cyprus supported the inclusion of sustainability principles, principles that work more environmentally, but are socially acceptable and economically viable to operate and to the benefit of farmers, but also to respect the environment and local communities. “

He also announced that “the debate on the new Common Agricultural Policy continues, where Cyprus firmly supports maintaining the CAP budget in order to achieve the EUs ambitious goals.” “Our argument is that there can not be more ambitious targets and budget cuts at the same time and we believe that together with the synergies we have developed with other countries, we are achieving provisions under the new CAP that are in the interest of Cypriot farmers,” he explained. “It seems, however, that, seeing things evolve and in the manner the EU works, in the end we are going to have a synthesis of ideas, a convergence of interests of the countries, so that the result will be to the maximum extent for all the Member States,” the Minister said. “Cyprus will continue to strongly support the interests of Cypriot farmers in shaping the new CAP,” he concluded.

Source: Cyprus News Agency