Agriculture Minister discusses Commission proposals on fertilizer sufficiency and prices at EU Council

The European Union’s Agriculture Ministers discussed issues related to the availability and affordability of fertilizers during the Agriculture and Fisheries Council which was held on Monday in Brussels. Cyprus was represented by Minister for Agriculture, Rural Development and Environment Costas Kadis.

According to Ministry press release, the Ministers exchanged views on a recent Commission communication regarding the challenges faced by Member States in relation to the availability and affordability of fertilisers.

In an intervention during the discussion, Kadis noted that the Commission’s text is presented at a time when high energy costs and the ongoing war in Ukraine are endangering the production of fertilisers, and thus global food security.

The Minister welcomed measures already taken by the Commission, and stressed that support for food production should be strengthened further through other financial instruments. He added that Cyprus will continue to support initiatives to ensure the objective of food security, particularly in relation to the production and export of food from Ukraine.

During a discussion on the implementation of the EU’s new Forestry Strategy for 2030, as well as on the agricultural aspects of the Regulation on Nature Restoration, the Minister of Agriculture stressed the need to deepen cooperation between Member States and the Commission, while respecting the principle of subsidiarity.

Kadis pointed out that existing knowledge in Member States in relation to forest management should be fully utilised.

Regarding the Regulation on Nature Restoration, Kadis stressed that the legislative framework under development should recognise the specificities of the Member States and aim for a balance between economic, social and environmental sustainability.

Source: Cyprus News Agency