Address of the Minister of Foreign Affairs at the inauguration ceremony of the new Embassy of Jordan in Lefkosia

Today’s official opening of the Embassy of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, in the presence of my good friend the Deputy Prime Minister Foreign Minister, Mr Nasser Judeh, marks the beginning of a new chapter in the strong bonds between the Governments and the peoples of Cyprus and Jordan; I am privileged and honoured to be part of this important event.

Indeed, when I visited Amman in June 2015, Minister Judeh announced his intention to open a diplomatic mission in Cyprus, after he has promised my predecessor, Mr Markos Kyprianou. Today, the intention became reality.

Relations between our two countries stretch back in history and have been shaped by the common challenges and the geography, which bind us.

Our cooperation has been further consolidated in recent years by the visit of the President of the Republic to Jordan in November 2015, and the visit of His Majesty King Abdullah to Cyprus last September.

Minister Judeh and I, have a regular and effective communication. During all occasions we have reiterated the excellent level of our relations and the identity of views on most regional and international issues, which proves the potential for enhanced cooperation between moderate and like-minded countries in the region.

Dialogue among all countries in the region is the only way out of the current turmoil in the Middle East and the only mechanism that will shift the current status quo into a strategic engagement. We believe in the power of diplomacy and how through it we can achieve what is perceived as impossible.

Jordan is a pivotal country in our region, a rock in the Middle Eastern storm, at the forefront of countering terrorism, having itself been a victim of terrorist attacks: Investing in its resilience and its sustainability, in the sustainability of its policies, is also an investment in the security of our region and our own future.

Jordan has given shelter and hope to millions fleeing the war from neighbouring countries. The recent census shows that 1.3 million refugees are in the country, real people -let me underline this-, with names and faces, not just statistics and claims unverified made by many others.

Jordan’s achievements are a great example in the Middle East, Europe and the world of peaceful coexistence of different faiths and nationalities. Cyprus continues to stand by the Hashemite Kingdom, in particular during these challenging times for the country and for the whole region. We are strongly committed to continuing our support, within our means, to help our Jordanian friends withstand the knock-on effects of regional crises.

The Hashemite Kingdom became the first Mediterranean partner, within the European Neighborhood Policy, with which the EU concluded the negotiations leading to an “Advanced Status”, the result of the wisdom that His Majesty King Abdullah has consistently demonstrated, to be, not only a reliable partner, but also a source of reason and moderation.

This is of tremendous strategic value to our neighborhood. In this context, Cyprus, Jordan and Greece have promoted tangibly and through coordinated efforts and joint actions a trilateral cooperation in a number of fields with the ultimate goal to achieve security, stability and prosperity in our part of the world.

I would also like to commend the laudable and constructive role that Jordan consistently plays in seeking to achieve a two-state solution in the context of the Middle East Peace Process. The Middle East Peace Process has placed considerable demands on Jordan, but the country has demonstrated courage and leadership in its pursuit of peace and stability.

For all these, and many other reasons, the Jordanian Embassy in Cyprus will be called to play its role and make its contribution to what is not only a bilateral, but a collective effort. Cyprus and Jordan share a common regional agenda and that is why in these difficult times it is important to come together. Our unity is our strength.

I am certain that the Jordanian Government made in the person of Ambassador El- Fayez an excellent and up-to-the-task choice. I wish him well and every success in his endeavors and I assure him that, in carrying out his mission, he will continue to have the full support of my colleagues in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and, of course, of myself.

Source: Press and Information Office