Address by the President of the Republic, Mr Nicos Anastasiades, at the Cyprus – Russia Christmas Gala

I am delighted to be here among such distinguished friends in this celebratory event of the long-standing historic and solid relations of our countries at all levels and in all fields.

From the outset and before proceeding further, I feel obliged to congratulate and express my sincere appreciation to the Cyprus – Russian Business Association and the Cyprus Chamber of Commerce and Industry, not only for organizing this event, but for their active contribution in strengthening our business and economic relations with the Russian Federation and in promoting Cyprus as an International Business Centre.

This festive event provides us with the opportunity to pay tribute to the powerful links that bind our two countries together and to reaffirm the exceptional level of the bilateral relations between Cyprus and Russia.

We do indeed enjoy and share long-standing historic and fraternal relations at all levels and in all fields, including the political, economic, business and investment ones, and a special, deep-rooted friendship between our people, which goes back centuries.

These relations are founded on our solid and deeply-entrenched historical, cultural and religious ties and the Republic of Cyprus foresees the fostering of even stronger links and practical collaboration between our two countries. To this end, this Gala taking place undoubtedly contributes to the strengthening and deepening of our relations, especially at the level of society.

At the same time, my Government, and all previous governments of the Republic of Cyprus for that matter, as well as the people of Cyprus, highly appreciate the principled position that Russia has maintained on the Cyprus problem throughout the years and its firm support in our efforts to reach a just settlement, which will end the military occupation and reunify the country and its people.

Before closing, I wish to stand to another important pillar of the relations between Cyprus and Russia, which demonstrates the quality and depth of our relations: The economic cooperation and the human contacts.

Day-by-day, both sides prove our willingness, to further expand the already broad institutional framework of cooperation and to work towards the enhancement of this mutually beneficial relation. Business interaction, investments, tourism, education and cultural exchanges, are supported and promoted in a systematic manner, at all levels, including at the top one.

Last, but not least, I would like to highlight our appreciation for the presence of the vibrant Russian community on the island. Their active contribution to the economy of Cyprus, as well as the cultural wealth they bring to the Cypriot social fabric, is indeed invaluable.

In warmly welcoming all the participants and guests, I am confident that you will have a memorable evening and you will enjoy the performances during the Gala’s programme.

I raise my glass and wish to the Ambassador and all of you present prosperity, progress and good health. Na Zdorovie!

Source: Press and Information Office.