Address by the President of the House of Representatives Mr Demetris Syllouris at the CIM Summit 2017

It is with great pleasure that I am here with you today to address the CIM Summit 2017, an event rightly regarded as a point of reference for the fields of Marketing and Management -both in Cyprus and in the rest of Europe.

The CIM Summit marks this year its 10th Anniversary; it is a great achievement and one which we are all here to celebrate. With delight and pride, I have placed this remarkable event under my auspices.

The CIM Summit provides annually the opportunity to executives to learn and exchange opinions regarding the latest developments in Marketing and Management. The Summit follows the overall aim of the Institute, namely to foster the development of business education and the education of tomorrow’s leaders in Cyprus. I would like to congratulate all those, who have worked towards organising this event, including the sponsors, and of course the distinguished speakers.

The Cyprus Institute of Marketing is today the leading Business School on the island. Initiatives such as the annual Summit not only confirm its status, but they are essential for the advancement of Cypriot businesses and the restarting of our economy. The acclaimed speakers invited every year share their wisdom with the Cypriot executives and offer valuable insights as to the latest developments in their respective fields.

In our era of constant technological change and development, modern ways of conducting and developing business are mandatory for all businesses. Innovation paves the way for products and services to be introduced to consumers in a more interactive and direct way, using technological tools previously unavailable. Communication is especially important. Cross-channel communication between provider and consumer through various media allows a business to get to know its customers, understand their needs, expectations, and preferences and proceed to satisfy them.

Without doubt, technological change, modernisation and constant adjustment and adaptation of existing procedures are essential requirements.

In our case, closer to home, the ongoing economic crisis continues to challenge our companies. Other tools to the ones previously available may help and force our companies to embrace new and innovative ways.

As a society and as a state, we need to provide for a friendlier environment for start-ups to thrive in and in which to develop their presence in the market even further. The business world is fast transforming into a global village and we cannot afford to stay outside it.

Innovation and Technology can provide the essential tools to companies based on the island, to conduct business beyond tight geographical boundaries and expand relations with customers around the world.

Source: Press and Information Office