Address by the President of the House of Representatives at the dinner for the presentation of the “CY-CSPc-EOS Green Energy Project”

Your Excellencies,

Distinguished guests,

?t gives me great pleasure to extend our warmest welcome to all delegates, especially those who have travelled from abroad to join us.

It is with great honour that I accept the invitation of the Sponsors Alfa Mediterranean Enterprises Ltd for the opening presentation of this co-funded Solar Thermal Project called CY_CSPc_EOS Green Energy Project.

?s I have been kept informed regarding the progress of this project, it is my belief that it is great news for Cyprus and the fight against climate change.

I am aware that both the private and public sector, and the European Investment Bank and the European Union, are all utilizing their resources to accomplish this and I am proud to announce that this project has been awarded with Euros 60.2 million, which is an all-time record for co-funding so that the project can be successfully implemented in the North of Limassol, here in Cyprus.

This is a big step forward for Cyprus, as aiming for clean production of energy will have tremendous, positive benefits for the Cypriot economy. With this ground-breaking technology, Cyprus will be placed on the map for innovation, inspired by its relationship with the University of Cyprus for Research and Development.

In Cyprus we enjoy yearly more than 300 days with 75% of sunshine. Unsurprisingly therefore, in addition to all other available renewable technologies, we are now focusing on promoting those technologies that harness the valuable resource of solar energy. In fact, our country has the highest solar heating capacity installed per capita of all European countries, with approximately 93% of households and 53% of hotels being equipped with solar water heating systems.

Considering all these, as well as the fact that the renewable energy sector provides 6.5 million jobs globally, it becomes apparent that the accelerated deployment of Renewable Energy Sources, in conjunction with tourism activities, can play a pivotal role in overcoming our country’s current economic troubles. The Cyprus Government is looking forward and welcomes the implementation of such a development and wishes every success to the project and its goals.

With no further ado, I wish everyone a most enjoyable evening.

Thank you.

Source: Press and Information Office